Doubling Gap Vista

Doubling Gap Vista

Driving Directions

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 40° 17′ 11.698″ N, 77° 28′ 12.837″ W

Facilities: State forest campsite behind the vista.

Elevation: ~2020

Restrictions: Not Applicable

Nearby Trails:

  • Tuscarora Trail
  • Flat Rock Trail
  • Rattlesnake Trail

Nearby Attractions:

  • Colonel Denning State Park
  • Chimney Rocks
  • Hickory Ridge Vista
  • Little Buffalo State Park

High atop Bowers Mountain you’ll find Doubling Gap Vista which looks out over this section of Blue Mountain.  Unfortunately the vista hasn’t been maintained for sometime and brush is rapidly overgrowing the vista obviously limiting the view.  Behind the view you’ll find  a Tuscarora State Forest campsite while large birds of prey such as vultures and hawks come right up to the overlook as they ride the thermals rising from the valley below.

Visible landmarks include Blue Mountain directly across from you including the middle of the “S” shaped curve at Doubling Gap, beyond Blue Mountain lay the Cumberland Valley and South Mountain in the far distance.   Sunrise should be visible from mid-fall to the beginning of spring however your view may be hampered by the gradually encroaching forest.

The campsite behind the view.

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