Penn’s View

View Of Penn's Creek.

Rising high above Penn’s Creek on the northern edge of Slide Mountain Penn’s View overlooks Tunnel Mountain and Rupp Mountain separated from each other by Penn’s Creek and Woodward Mountain behind them.  Upstream on Penn’s Creek is the village of Coburn visible through a gap in Woodward Mountain, beyond Coburn is Penns Valley and on its northern edge are the Buck Ridge, Shriner Mountain, Brush Mountain and Nittany Mountain ranges.  Penn’s Creek flows over 700′ below you on its way around Slide Mountain towards Poe Paddy State Park to your right.  From May to July both sunrises and sunsets should be visible from the overlook.

Past Penn’s View Poe Paddy drive isn’t maintained and driving to the other vistas is strongly discouraged in anything other than a high-clearance 4wd with off-road tires.

Driving Directions

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 40° 50′ 33.047″ N, 77° 27′ 10.015″ W

Facilities: None

Elevation: ~1740′

Restrictions: Not Applicable

Nearby Trails:

  • Plantation Trail
  • White Mountain Ridge Trail
  • Deep Low Place Trail
  • Mid State Trail

Nearby Attractions:

  • Pine Swamp Vista
  • Poe Valey State Park
  • Penns Creek
  • Poe Paddy State Park

Panoramic view of Penn's View.

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