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As you might have already guessed I no longer really do anything on this website however I have recently started a new website  There you can find new blog posts, many of the photographs that I have taken, outdoor themed gear for sale and coming soon more blog posts and product reviews.  You can also follow me on Facebook, Panoramio,, and on instagram.

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Help Protect Loyalsock State Forest

Loyalsock State Forest is the heart of Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains Region, and provides thousands of visitors amazing hiking, canoeing and camping experiences.

But now, Governor Corbett is on the verge of allowing gas companies to drill it. This would be the first state forest opened to dangerous gas drilling in over two years, violating the spirit of a moratorium on leasing state forests to drillers and potentially leading to more drilling in our state forests in the next few years.

We can’t let that happen. Tell Governor Corbett’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR): “Keep drilling out of Loyalsock State Forest.
If the governor allows Anadarko, a Houston-based gas company, to drill in Loyalsock, the park’s land would be torn up and vulnerable to pollution. Anadarko has already been cited for over 150 drilling violations in Pennsylvania and is already surveying lands for drilling around some of the best hiking paths—something we can’t stand by and allow.

Instead of defending one of our great state forests, Governor Corbett’s DCNR is standing idly by and letting Anadarko move full steam ahead. No one wants to see the beautiful Loyalsock State Forest and its incredible hiking trails ruined by the pollution and destruction of gas drilling.

Stand with us and tell our environmental officials to defend Loyalsock State Forest.

David Masur
PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center Director

PS—We need to create enough of an outcry in the next two weeks to ensure Loyalsock is safe from drilling. Can you get 5 more of your friends to take action to help us hit our goal today? Forward this to others who want to protect our state forests!

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Jackson Trail: Jo Hayes Vista to Old Pine Vista

Jackson Trail Along The Summit Of Tussey Mountain.

Running along the weathered summit of Tussey Mountain the Jackson Trail connects Jo Hayes Vista and Route 26 to the Mid-State Trail.  On the way to Old Pine Vista you encounter numerous scenic views on the northern and southern slopes of the mountain that look out over Nittany Valley, State College and Rothrock State Forest.

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Mid State Trail: Bear Meadows Overlooks

Bear Meadows Natural Area.

This short hike along the Mid-State Trail takes you to a number of vistas that look out over the Bear Meadows Natural Area, a bog formed in the last ice age located in the heart of Rothrock State Forest.

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Top 10 Pictures – Fall 2011

Well here we are once again Fall is over Winter has begun and I miserably await the arrival of spring when I plan to wear out the bottom of both of my kayaks, my fishing poles and several pairs of boots.  Until then I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from the roughly 1500 photos or so that I took this Fall.

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Tunnel Trail

An Abandoned Rail Road Tunnel At The End Of Tunnel Trail.

This short hike follows a  section of rail bed at the end of which you’ll find the remains of an abandoned tunnel as it enters Conocoheague Mountain.

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Doubling Gap Vista

Doubling Gap Vista

Driving Directions

Parking Lot GPS Coordinates: 40° 17′ 11.698″ N, 77° 28′ 12.837″ W

Facilities: State forest campsite behind the vista.

Elevation: ~2020

Restrictions: Not Applicable

Nearby Trails:

  • Tuscarora Trail
  • Flat Rock Trail
  • Rattlesnake Trail

Nearby Attractions:

  • Colonel Denning State Park
  • Chimney Rocks
  • Hickory Ridge Vista
  • Little Buffalo State Park

High atop Bowers Mountain you’ll find Doubling Gap Vista which looks out over this section of Blue Mountain.  Unfortunately the vista hasn’t been maintained for sometime and brush is rapidly overgrowing the vista obviously limiting the view.  Behind the view you’ll find  a Tuscarora State Forest campsite while large birds of prey such as vultures and hawks come right up to the overlook as they ride the thermals rising from the valley below.

Visible landmarks include Blue Mountain directly across from you including the middle of the “S” shaped curve at Doubling Gap, beyond Blue Mountain lay the Cumberland Valley and South Mountain in the far distance.   Sunrise should be visible from mid-fall to the beginning of spring however your view may be hampered by the gradually encroaching forest.

The campsite behind the view.

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Vinegar Run Falls

Vinegar Run Falls (~9')

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Dutchman Falls Trail

The main section of Dutchman Falls (~27′)

This less than 1/2 mile hike takes you down the beginning of the Loyalsock Trail to Dutchman Falls, a 27′ cascadejust off of the trail that is formed where Dutchman Run emptys into Loyalsock Creek.

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Adam’s Falls Trail

Adam's Creek Falls

This short walk through the woods follows an old forest road to Adam’s Falls, a series of small waterfalls around an early 20th century waterwheel once used to generate electricity.

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